The very first thing i wrote the day i used internet for the very first time in a now forgoten Altavista search page arround 1996 was: Bari Bari Machine.

I knew this japanesse magazine after reading about it in the number 6 issue of Spanish LA MOTO magazine. Since that moment my life and the way i understand motorcycle riding chaged for ever.


I founded to try do the same in internet in 1999, but it didn.t worked because the world was already changing and i arrived late.

But when facebook arrived i enter in contsct  with the old riders who in the 90s were the protagonist of the magazine and the dream of having acces to those magazine came true at last.

The hard work of a collector from Japan called Mr Riota Hata made this website posible. And i did it to allow viewers from other countries discover this crazy magazine.

Thank you for your visit