Bari Bari Machine

The title of the magazine came from the noise of a motorcycle (brum brum). Bari Bari Machine was born in 1986 and lived till 2002 when the world had changed and a magazine like this, was unacceptable and politically incorrect.


What make this magazine incredible, was that it was made by the winding riders from japan theirself by sending their best action pictures to the editors to be judged and finally entering a competition to see who was declared the top rider of the month.That was  a great honor and something to be proud of in your own winding road. Some of the wining riders from that era are still quite famost nowadays,


Photographers of the BBM time to a time went to the most famost roads, where they made a photo sesion with the local riders who made their best and sometimes to mutch to be shown in the article and told the mad journalist  the secrets of  their mountain section and then  a map with signals and tricks was shown at the mag.


Diferent section configured BBM, Of course the kneedown pictures were the most important thing,  but the racing anime was obligated in a japanese publication, draws from the readers and the reference to the racing teams from all over Japan were also very popular. Sometimes pictures from their girlfriends, wheelie section and crazy pics were abalible. For the non japanese, the comercials from leathers, special parts, team steakers and many other interesting products atract the attention.


An evolution of the magazine is clearly visible through the years. From a very "amater" look in the 80s , the most popular issues from the mid 90s, to the most refine and less radical late issues when tuning and wheeling was the main thing.


As you can imagine a magazine like this couldn´t lived for ever and in the early 2000s the situation in Japan had chaged, specially after the problems with drift drivers on open roads that afected winding roads.


BBM closed in 2002, but it is stilll in the memory os every winding japanese rider specially those aroung 40 who still understand motorcycle riding on open roads as something you should do .......KNEEDOWN.

This website wouldn.t have been posible without the hard job of Mr Ryota Hata from Osaka in Japan who so kindly is scanning his amazing collection of magazines and share them in his wonderfull facebook page where you will find hundreds of pictures.